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2023 exhibition in Moscow -2023 SVIAZ


Latest company news about 2023 exhibition in Moscow -2023 SVIAZ

latest company news about 2023 exhibition in Moscow -2023 SVIAZ  0

1、 Exhibition time and location: April 11-14, 2023, 4-day exhibition period
2、 Exhibition location: Moscow Ruby Exhibition Center
3、 Organizers: Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, Moscow International Exhibition Center
International Economic and Technological Exchange Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

latest company news about 2023 exhibition in Moscow -2023 SVIAZ  1latest company news about 2023 exhibition in Moscow -2023 SVIAZ  2


latest company news about 2023 exhibition in Moscow -2023 SVIAZ  3latest company news about 2023 exhibition in Moscow -2023 SVIAZ  4

4、 Market situation:
1. The Russian economy has stopped slipping and stabilized. The Russian Gaidar Forum was held in Moscow from January 15 to 17, 2019. During the forum, Trofimova, a representative of the Russian credit analysis and rating agency, stated that Russia's economic growth rate will reach 1.4% in 2019, which is more optimistic than the previous GDP growth forecast of 1.3% by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development. International rating agency Moody's has confirmed Russia as a "BBB+" and has a positive outlook.
2. The comprehensive warming of bilateral relations between China and Russia has ushered in new opportunities for economic and trade cooperation between the two countries. He and President Putin climbed high and looked far, jointly guiding the direction of the development of bilateral relations; Down-to-earth promotion of practical cooperation in various fields.
Building strategic support for each other; To deepen the integration of interests and achieve synchronous revitalization side by side; We need to promote people-to-people communication and consolidate the foundation of friendship for generations.
On June 11, 2019, Russian Minister of Economic Development Oleshkin stated in an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters in St. Petersburg that bilateral trade between Russia and China is expected to rise to a higher level in recent years. The two countries have great potential in soybean trade, communication industry, and accelerating enterprise innovation cooperation. In 2018, the bilateral trade volume between China and Russia exceeded 100 billion US dollars, reaching a historic high, an increase of 14.9% compared to the previous year. Oleshkin said that in the future, Russia and China will be committed to promoting the continued growth and doubling of bilateral trade volume, and Russia is willing to make efforts to this end. At present, both parties are conducting serious research on this and have listed multiple relevant key development areas. Among them, the trade growth rates of communication and high-tech products reached 16.5% and 27% respectively, setting new highs in recent years. The trade between China and Russia is growing rapidly. Russia is an active supporter of the "the Belt and Road" initiative, an important participant in China, and a key partner. The cooperation pattern with the the Belt and Road construction and the Eurasian Economic Union as the main line was further consolidated.
3. The IT market in Russia has a strong demand for communication hardware. Authoritative data indicates that with the recovery of the Russian economy. The bilateral economic and trade relations between China and Russia have steadily developed, receiving sanctions from Western countries, and Russia's procurement of communication equipment from China has steadily increased.
5、 Exhibition situation in 2019
The Moscow International Communications Exhibition is organized by the Russian State Duma, the Russian Federation Communications and Mass Communication

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