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G.657A2 Fiber Optic Cable with Static Bending Radius ≥10D

G.657A2 Fiber Optic Cable with Static Bending Radius ≥10D

G657A2 Fiber Optic Cable

10D Radius Fiber Optic Cable

A1a ADSS Fiber Cable

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Product Details
Operating Temperature:
Fiber Count:
Cable Weight:
Jacket Color:
Black, White
Crush Resistance:
Long-term: ≥1000N/100mm, Short-term: ≥3000N/100mm
Fiber Grade:
A1a, A1b, A2a, A2b, A3a, A3b
Storage Temperature:
Jacket Material:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Product Description

Product Description:

ADSS Fiber Optic Cable is a high-performance optical cable designed for outdoor deployment. It is made of quality optical fibers and is designed for aerial, duct and self-supporting applications. The cable has excellent mechanical and environmental properties and can withstand harsh conditions, while ensuring efficient signal transmission. ADSS Fiber Optic Cable features a bending radius of static ≥10D and dynamic ≥20D, fiber type of G.652D, G.657A1 and G.657A2, jacket material of PE and HDPE, and crush resistance of long-term ≥1000N/100mm and short-term ≥3000N/100mm. It provides superior performance and reliability compared to traditional optical fiber cables.



  • Product Name: ADSS Fiber Optic Cable
  • Operating Temperature: -40~+70℃
  • Cable Type: ADSS
  • Attenuation: ≤0.4dB/km
  • Storage Temperature: -40~+70℃
  • Fiber Count: 2-144
  • Optical Fiber Cable: Yes
  • Fiber Optic Cable: Yes

Technical Parameters:

Product Name Technical Parameters
ADSS Fiber Optic Cable Fiber Count: 2-144
Operating Temperature: -40~+70℃
Tensile Strength: Long-term: ≥200N, Short-term: ≥600N
Cable Weight: 20-100kg/km
Fiber Grade: A1a, A1b, A2a, A2b, A3a, A3b
Fiber Type: G.652D, G.657A1, G.657A2
Attenuation: ≤0.4dB/km
Bending Radius: Static: ≥10D, Dynamic: ≥20D
Jacket Material: PE, HDPE


ADSS Fiber Optic Cable, made in China, is a perfect choice for many applications. Its long-term and short-term crush resistance of ≥1000N/100mm and ≥3000N/100mm respectively makes it suitable for harsh environments. The fiber count of the cable varies from 2 to 144, and it can operate in temperatures ranging from -40℃ to +70℃. Moreover, its attenuation is ≤0.4dB/km, ensuring good signal quality. With its excellent performance, ADSS Fiber Optic Cable is an ideal solution for many applications.


Packing and Shipping:

ADSS Fiber Optic Cable packaging and shipping:

  • Fiber optic cables will be packaged in corrugated boxes to ensure safe transportation.
  • These boxes will be clearly labeled and marked with the customer’s name, address, and order number.
  • The boxes will then be securely sealed with reinforced tape.
  • The packages will be shipped via a reliable and reputable courier service.


Q: What is ADSS Fiber Optic Cable?
A: ADSS Fiber Optic Cable is a kind of cable that is made of fiber-optic material, originating from China. It is used for data transmission.
Q: What are the advantages of using ADSS Fiber Optic Cable?
A: ADSS Fiber Optic Cable offers many advantages, including increased transmission speeds, improved network security, higher bandwidth, and low attenuation.
Q: What is the place of origin of ADSS Fiber Optic Cable?
A: ADSS Fiber Optic Cable is made in China.
Q: What types of applications can ADSS Fiber Optic Cable be used for?
A: ADSS Fiber Optic Cable can be used for a variety of applications, such as telecommunications, computer networks, and cable television.
Q: What are the benefits of using ADSS Fiber Optic Cable?
A: ADSS Fiber Optic Cable offers numerous benefits, including high bandwidth, low attenuation, improved network security, and increased data transmission speeds.

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