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Figure 8 Self Supporting Cable Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable For Installation In Outdoor

Figure 8 Self Supporting Cable Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable For Installation In Outdoor

Figure 8 Self Supporting Cable

ODM Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable

LSZH Jacket FTTH Drop Cable

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Product Details
Fiber Color:
1.0 Steel Wire
Model No:
Ftth Drop Cable
FTTH/FTTB/FTTX Network Installation
Material Shape:
Sichuan, China
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Product Description

Figure 8 Self-Supporting Cable Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable For Installation In Outdoor

Product Description:

Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable

This outdoor FTTH drop cable is a high-quality product designed for providing efficient and reliable fiber optic connection between the service provider and the customer premises. It is suitable for both residential and commercial applications, offering superior performance and durability.

Service: OEM/ODM

This outdoor FTTH drop cable is available for OEM/ODM services, allowing for customization according to specific requirements of different clients. With our experienced team and advanced technology, we can provide tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.

Model No: Ftth Drop Cable

The model number of this outdoor FTTH drop cable is Ftth Drop Cable, which stands for Fiber to the Home Drop Cable. It is a widely used term in the telecommunication industry, indicating that this cable is specifically designed for delivering fiber optic connection to homes.

Color: Black

The outdoor FTTH drop cable comes in a sleek black color, providing a professional and modern look. It is also UV-resistant, ensuring long-lasting color retention even under harsh weather conditions. The black color also helps to blend in with most outdoor environments, making it less noticeable.

Jacket: LSZH

The outer jacket of this outdoor FTTH drop cable is made of LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) material, which is known for its flame-retardant and low smoke emission properties. This makes it a safer and more environmentally friendly choice, especially for indoor installations.

Messenger: 1.0 Steel Wire

This outdoor FTTH drop cable is equipped with a 1.0 steel wire messenger, providing additional strength and support for aerial installations. The messenger is made of high-quality steel, ensuring durability and reliability even in harsh outdoor environments.

Key Features
  • Fiber Drop Wire Clamp: This outdoor FTTH drop cable is designed with a fiber drop wire clamp, providing secure and stable installation without causing any damage to the cable.
  • Indoor Telephone Cable: With its LSZH jacket, this outdoor FTTH drop cable can also be used for indoor telephone cable installations, providing fast and reliable connections for voice communication.
  • Indoor Drop Cable: Apart from outdoor aerial installations, this outdoor FTTH drop cable is also suitable for indoor drop cable installations, offering flexibility and versatility for various applications.

Overall, this outdoor FTTH drop cable is a top-of-the-line product that combines high performance, durability, and flexibility. It is an ideal choice for service providers looking to deliver fast and reliable fiber optic connections to their customers. Contact us now to learn more about this product and how we can help meet your specific needs.



  • Product Name: Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable
  • Cable Structure: Figure 8 Self-supporting Cable
  • Allowed Tensile Strength: 1000N < 10000N
  • Cable Sheath: LSZH
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C To +70°C
  • Color: Black
  • FTTH Drop Fiber Optic Cable
  • Cat5e FTP Cable
  • FTTH Fiber Drop Cable

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameters Value
Product Name Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable
Model No. Ftth Drop Cable
Operating Temperature -40°C To +70°C
Shetah Black LSZH
Allowed Tensile Strength 1000N<10000N
Cable Structure Figure 8 Self-supporting Cable
Color Black
Application FTTH/FTTB/FTTX Network Installation
Messenger 1.0 Steel Wire
Fiber Color Blue
Service OEM/ODM
Key Features Indoor Fiber Cable, Cat6 FTP Cable, Indoor Telephone Cable


Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable

The Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable is a high-quality fiber optic cable designed for direct burial installation, making it perfect for outdoor applications. With its LSZH cable sheath and 1.0 steel wire messenger, this cable provides strong protection and support for the fiber optic strands.

Application Scenarios
  • Residential areas - The Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable is an ideal choice for connecting homes to high-speed internet, TV, and phone services. Its direct burial capability allows for easy and efficient installation in residential areas, making it a cost-effective solution for homeowners.
  • Commercial buildings - With its high tensile strength and durable construction, this cable is perfect for providing high-speed internet and other services to businesses. Its LSZH sheath also ensures a safe and secure installation in commercial buildings.
  • Rural areas - The Direct Burial Aluminum Cable option is perfect for connecting remote and rural areas to fiber optic networks. Its strong steel wire messenger provides the necessary support for long-distance installations, while the LSZH sheath ensures protection against harsh weather conditions.
Key Features
  • Direct burial cable: The Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable is designed for direct burial installation, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming duct work.
  • FTTH Fiber Optic Drop Cable: This cable is specifically designed for Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) applications, providing high-speed internet, TV, and phone services to residential and commercial areas.
  • High Tensile Strength: With an allowed tensile strength of 1000N to 10000N, this cable can withstand high tension during installation and is suitable for long-distance installations.
  • UV Resistant and Waterproof: The LSZH sheath and steel wire messenger make this cable resistant to UV rays and waterproof, ensuring a long lifespan and reliable performance in outdoor environments.
  • Durable: The Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, making it a reliable and long-lasting solution for outdoor applications.
Product Specifications
  • Cable Sheath: LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) sheath provides safety and protection against smoke and harmful gases in case of fire.
  • Messenger: 1.0 steel wire messenger provides strong support for the fiber optic strands and allows for easy installation in aerial or long-distance applications.
  • Allowed Tensile Strength: 1000N to 10000N, making it suitable for both short and long-distance installations.
  • Sheath Color: Black LSZH sheath provides a sleek and professional appearance.
  • Fiber Color: Blue fiber optic strands for easy identification and installation.

With its direct burial capability, high tensile strength, and durable construction, the Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable is the perfect solution for outdoor fiber optic installations. Its UV resistant and waterproof features make it suitable for a wide range of applications, while its LSZH sheath ensures safety and protection. Choose the Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable for a reliable and efficient outdoor fiber optic installation.



Customized Service for Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable

Product Name: FTTH Drop Cable

Model No: Ftth Drop Cable

Cable Size: 5mm*2mm

Armored: Aluminum

Jacket: LSZH

Customized Service: OEM/ODM

Key Features:

  • Fiber Optic Drop Cable
  • FTP Cat6A Cable
  • Fire Resistant Cable

Description: Our Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable is designed for high-speed and reliable data transmission in outdoor environments. The cable size of 5mm*2mm makes it lightweight and easy to install. The armored aluminum provides extra protection against harsh weather conditions and physical damage. The LSZH jacket ensures low smoke, zero halogen emissions, making it environmentally friendly. We offer OEM/ODM services to meet your specific needs. With our customized service, you can choose from a variety of cable sizes, armored materials, and jacket types to suit your project requirements. Our key features of fiber optic drop cable, FTP Cat6A cable, and fire-resistant cable make it a top choice for outdoor applications. Trust our expertise to provide you with a high-quality and tailored solution for your network needs.


Packing and Shipping:

Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable Packaging and Shipping

Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable is packaged and shipped according to industry standards to ensure safe and efficient delivery to customers. The packaging and shipping process includes the following steps:

  • First, the cable is carefully coiled and placed in a sturdy cardboard box to prevent any damage during transport.
  • Next, the box is sealed and labeled with the product name, quantity, and any other relevant information.
  • The box is then placed on a pallet and wrapped with plastic film to provide extra protection and stability during shipping.
  • If necessary, the pallet is also labeled with the customer's information and shipping details for easy identification.
  • Finally, the pallet is loaded onto a truck or container and shipped to the designated location.

At Outdoor FTTH, we understand the importance of timely and secure delivery of our products. That's why we work with reliable shipping companies to ensure that our customers receive their orders in a timely and efficient manner.

For international shipments, we also provide all necessary documentation and follow customs regulations to ensure a smooth delivery process.

With our careful packaging and efficient shipping methods, customers can trust that their Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable will arrive in perfect condition, ready for installation and use.



Q1: What is Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable?
A1: Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable is an optical cable that is designed to provide fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) connectivity in outdoor environments, such as aerial or buried installations.
Q2: What is the structure of Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable?
A1: Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable typically consists of a central optical fiber surrounded by a layer of strength members, a water-blocking material, and an outer jacket for protection against weather and UV radiation.
Q3: What are the benefits of using Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable?
A1: Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable offers high bandwidth and low attenuation, making it ideal for long-distance data transmission. It is also resistant to extreme weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance in outdoor environments.
Q4: What is the installation method for Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable?
A1: Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable can be installed using aerial, buried, or duct installation methods. It is important to follow proper installation techniques to ensure the cable's performance and longevity.
Q5: What is the maximum distance Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable can span?
A1: The maximum distance Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable can span depends on various factors, such as the type of fiber used, the installation method, and the network equipment. However, it can typically span up to 20 kilometers without the need for signal regeneration.

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